Breast Cancer Awareness is a great step taken by the American Cancer Society in 1985, in partnership with Imperial Chemical Industries. It used to be a week-long camping then but eventually, it became a month-long campaign. October is the month of breast cancer awareness.

The step to awareness has led to breast cancer prevention and women’s wellness, saving many women around the world. Breast cancer awareness is a reminder to every woman out there to take care of their health, do monthly check-ups for early detection, understand the risk factors associated, and ensure the screening guidelines.

Detect Breast Cancer Early and Avoid Risks

Breast cancer is a global health concern, risking the lives of millions of women every year. Knowing the risks associated with breast cancer is very crucial. Breast cancer could happen due to genetics and family history, lifestyle also plays an important role most of the time. To mitigate the risks, a healthy diet, limiting alcohol intake, and exercising regularly is essential.

Regular self-examination can also help in detecting cancer earlier. If you detect any unusual lumps or changes in size and shape, consult your doctor. Every woman should be taught how to do self-examination at home. Raising awareness of breast cancer is the first step to women’s wellness.

Screening Guidelines

Screening Mammograms could also be a great help for breast cancer prevention. Regular mammograms are advised for women aged 40 and above. By spreading awareness and giving priority to women’s wellness, we can eliminate the chances of breast cancer.


Breast cancer awareness is the best way for breast cancer prevention. Education also plays a crucial role in women’s wellness. So be aware, and make everyone aware of the risk of breast cancer and how to prevent it. Let’s make women’s wellness our priority, not just in the month of October but the whole year, and create a future where breast cancer becomes a disease in the past.