Bladder Problem is the most common issue in women. Around 50% of women are affected by urine incontinence, and that’s too many. Urine incontinence could be of four types: stress, urgency, overflow, and functional incontinence. Women’s bladder health is a major issue. No human being should go through this situation, it’s embarrassing and you stress out at the thought of going out.

Women’s bladder health is not the only problem, even men suffer from bladder issues. Around 30-40% of men are affected by urine incontinence. Bladder dysfunction in females is a major issue, and it must be treated completely with care.

Let’s look at the causes of female bladder issues and treatments of women’s bladder problems.

Causes of Female Bladder Issues

There could be many things causing women’s bladder health issues, like having weak pelvic floor muscles, making it hard to hold in the urine. Even stress continence, it’s when you sneeze, cough, or do any physical activities, that puts pressure on your bladder and causes urine leak.

Also during pregnancy, this problem could occur, as the internal organs in the body grow and put pressure on the bladder. Other problems like UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) or menopause could also be the cause of female bladder issues.

Treatments for Women’s Bladder Problems

There are certainly treatments for women’s bladder problems. First of all you should consult your healthcare provider, he/she can guide you properly regarding urine incontinence. Make some good lifestyle changes that can help you eliminate the issue of bladder dysfunction in females and lead to better womenscare.

Consuming the right amount of liquid at the right could be of great help. Consult your healthcare professional to know how liquid to drink and when to drink, based on your day-to-day life. 

Regular physical activity is needed, it will help you in maintaining your body weight and overall health. Avoid constipation, it worsens your bladder problems. If you smoke, quitting could be a better option. Smoking affects women’s bladder health, amplifying the chances of stress incontinence. These treatments of women’s bladder problems could definitely help.


Bladder dysfunction in females must be taken proper care of, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Women's care is crucial and if a woman's bladder health is good her overall health will also be good.