Exercising and working out are beneficial for physical but also mental and emotional wellbeing. But what are the implications of exercise on the fertility and reproductive health of women, if any? In this article, let us deep dive and discuss this topic. 

Exercise is also crucial for post medical abortion recovery which is done using an abortion pill pack or MTP kit. One can buy MTP kit online with overnight shipping to terminate unwanted pregnancy safely and from the convenience of your home.

Does Exercise Affect Periods?

Excessive exercise and extreme levels of physical activity affects the menstrual cycle. It can also lead to amenorrhea (absence of periods) for more than 8 weeks. Such irregularities in the period can affect fertility by causing an ovulation which is the lack of egg release but that doesn't mean exercise is bad for women. Regular or moderate exercise can help regulate hormones, reducing the risk of conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and also help improve fertility.

Is Reproductive Health Affected By Exercise?

Weight is a crucial criteria not only for fertility but also once the pregnancy begins. Being underweight is as detrimental as being overweight for reproductive health. Adding exercise to one's daily routine helps keep weight in check and positively impacts the chances of conceiving. 

Health needs recovery even after a medical abortion of an unwanted pregnancy. Once you complete the process of medical abortion, normal to moderate exercise is required to help your body recover for future pregnancies. 

How Does Exercise Help Reduce Stress In Day To Day Life?

Stress doesn't only affect the menstrual cycle, but also fertility. It is always advisable to regularly engage in some sort of functional exercise to reduce stress and create a more favorable environment for conception. Medical abortion which is done after a person order MTP kit online, emotional stress is induced in most cases. Exercise also helps to get rid of this stress. 

Insulin sensitivity is the root cause of many fertility related issues. Regular exercise can improve insulin resistance. 


Even for post-medical abortion recovery, choosing the right exercise is important. After you buy MTP kit online and abort the pregnancy medically, consult a physician to help you choose the right exercise for fast recovery.