Earlier on Wednesday a Kansas judge implied a temporary injunction on the law banning doctors from providing abortion pills through telemedicine. Now Kansas can offer medical abortion to women who are seeking abortion and are in need of it.

Judge Teresa Watson from Shawnee County District Court blocked the state law that refrains doctors from providing medical abortion, abortion with pills over telemedicine. Wichita’s reproductive clinic appealed for a temporary injunction. Earlier the appeal was overturned by the Kansas court. But in June, the appeal court found out that Watson had diverged from well-established Kansas case law while taking the decision and sent the case back to the lower court.

Nancy Northup, the CEO and president of the Center for Reproductive Rights said in a statement, “This decision will further open up abortion care in Kansas at a time it’s direly needed.” Northup further added, “In this post-Roe world, telemedicine can make the difference in being able to receive abortion care or not. Today’s decision paves the way for abortion clinics in Kansas to expand services to women in remote and unmerited areas of Kansas.”

The legal case is still ongoing in the Kansas court. Women in Kansas now can visit the nearby local clinics, where temporarily they can get access to medical abortion through telemedicine service. However, the existing restrictions will still apply, which are a mandatory waiting period of 24 hours and consent from parents for the minors.   

Trust Women’s co-executive director said this in a statement, “Access to telemedicine services for Kansans will go a long way to easing the strain on our reproductive health care systems in the state.”

This decision will also help people from across states access to get an abortion, especially in western Kansas. There are around 5 abortion clinics present in Wichita, Kansas City, Kansas.