Abortion for any woman is a very tough decision, it brings so many things with it and takes a toll on your body and mind. Sometimes unplanned or unwanted pregnancy can put you in two minds, but you have made the decision for your own well-being, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Medical abortion is the safest and easiest method of terminating the pregnancy, still, it sometimes makes you uncertain of your decisions. Among many concerns, understanding the emotional and physical aspects of abortion risks is very important so when you are going through the phase, you know how to deal with it.

Emotional Aspects of Abortion Risk

The loss of an unplanned pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy can leave some emotional scars for a lifetime. To overcome this emotional rollercoaster, read about the emotional aspects before going for a medical abortion. Some of these emotional aspects are:

•    Grief after the loss: Losing a child can be traumatic, whether it’s a miscarriage or abortion. The grief can emotionally disturb your well-being. Take time to process things, give yourself some time. To cope with the grief, you can start writing in a journal, talk to your loved ones, or get help from a professional. 

•    Feeling of guilt and regret: Society terms abortion as an inhumane decision, and stigmatizes the whole process, this can affect you emotionally. But please keep in mind that abortion is a legal process, and there’s nothing wrong with making this decision.

•    Stress and Anxiety: A complex mix of emotions can cause you stress and anxiety, as the decision of abortion in itself is very overwhelming and can cause you emotional distress. Try talking to your partner, family member, friend, or therapist.

Physical Aspects of Abortion Risks

Medical abortion with abortion pills can have some potential side effects ranging from mild to moderate. These side effects are completely normal during the abortion procedure but can stay for days or even weeks. 

Side effects like nausea, dizziness, fatigue, headache, vomiting, pain in your pelvic area, abdominal pain, and heavy bleeding. Bleeding can last up to weeks. Post-abortion there are chances of catching an infection, and proper care hygiene must be considered.