It’s very important to be open about your reproductive health with your partner. If you guys are sexually active, then talks about reproductive health should be a must. 

Your reproductive health also represents your menstrual and sexual health, both of which are very important to your overall health. Having an open conversation with your partner could be a chance at making your bonds stronger, and building trust & respect in your relationship. 

Taking time out from your busy schedule and having communication with your partner can also open conversations for future aspirations and family planning, which is a major part of any relationship. 

Why is it Necessary to Talk About Your Reproductive Health?

Your reproductive health is something that must be discussed openly with your partner. If you are facing any issues with your reproductive health, your partner must be aware of it, and confronting it could reduce your stress and anxiety. 

We understand that discussing these topics with your partner could make you hesitant and you may feel embarrassed and awkward. But being open and honest in a relationship is very important. Discussing these things could improve your relationship and make you understand each other better.

Reasons why you should discuss with your partner:

•    Decision-making: Whether you have to think about birth control options, family planning, or just understanding each other’s needs and bodies better, open communication can help in making better decisions together.
•    Reduced stress and anxiety: Talking about the concerns and expectations (needs) in your sexual life about the contraceptives, health issues, and anxieties related to sex. It could elevate your intimacy.
•    Understanding and Respect: Once you start talking openly about these things, you may understand each other better, and know what the other desires. It fosters respect and empathy for each other.
•    Problem-Solving: Breaking the barriers and talking about these things allow you to think collaboratively and solve the issues regarding reproductive health, whether it’s about pregnancy, STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), or abortion.