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Benefits of Abortion


Self-manage termination process at home in complete privacy, quick and easy relief from an unwanted pregnancy


Get over the unplanned pregnancy at an early stage with non-invasive treatment helping cope with emotions better


Cost-effective and feasible with no need to get admitted at hospital, spend on travel, fee for physician, or worry about anesthesia


Access to healthcare even in areas with absence of facility or professional help for pregnancy termination, making room for care for all without discrimination


About Us

Womenscare is a healthcare stop for all women who wish to know about pregnancy-related issues, especially abortion. We have educative content on the website that talks about medical abortion pills, how to use the pills safely, the effects, and aftercare of the procedure. We also provide support and advice on assistance with pregnancy termination, emergency care, and how to approach an unwanted pregnancy without compromising on lifestyle and health

At our platform, we try to answer every query of visitors by having an exhaustive section of FAQs, blogs, and more. We strive to create an inclusive environment so that females from all around the world learn about quality pregnancy care and ways to access it. Our aim is to equip people with awareness about the right to reproductive health concerns and solutions for it without meeting any hurdles.

Mostly Asked Questions

1. What is a Medical Abortion and Surgical Abortion?

In medical abortion, you have to use pills to remove the pregnancy from the woman. This is a non-surgical method. But for surgical abortion, the pregnancy sections are removed with the assistance of a vacuum aspiration technique or dilation and evacuation.

2. How Do Abortion Pills Work?

Mifepristone is the primary pill in medical abortion. It blocks the hormone – progesterone to shed the uterine lining and keep the fetus away from the nutrition supply, thus, preparing for the removal of conception products from the uterus. Misoprostol (from the prostaglandin E1 analog category) is the second medication in the procedure. It ripens the cervix for easy dispersal of pregnancy tissues and embryos through uterine contractions and vaginal bleeding.

3. Can You Administer Abortion Pills at Home?

It is possible to perform an abortion with pills in the comfort of your home. But when you administer Misoprostol pills, ensure that you have sufficient privacy and can grab ample rest. You must not venture outdoors or do anything physically stressful. Though you can take the medicines alone and successfully experience a pregnancy termination, it is a good idea to have someone around for support.

4. How to Use Mifepristone (Orally) and Misoprostol Pills (Buccally)?

You have to take Mifepristone orally with water on day 1. The strength of the medicine is 200mg. Then after 24 to 48 hours, administer 4 pills of 200mcg each of Misoprostol buccally (keeping medicines in cheek pouches), and take the melted contents without water after 30 minutes.

5. Can You Drink Water After Taking Misoprostol?

You must restrain from taking any food and beverage for 30 minutes after administering Misoprostol. After this duration, you can drink water and eat.

6. How to Administer Misoprostol Vaginally?

The vaginal method will imply inserting one pill after the other into the vagina. Make sure your fingers are washed and clean. Stay in a comfortable posture to put the medicines deep inside and then lay down on your back for half an hour.


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How Effective Is Medication Abortion By Mail?

Abortion services are highly disputed around the globe. That being said, not everyone can access reproductive health facilities in their region. This is why several women choose medication abortion by mail where it is possible to obtain the pills in privacy.

In medical abortion, there is the use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills. You can order abortion pills online and receive them even overnight.

After order confirmation, the outlet processes the pills by getting the quantity of medication pack you purchased quality checked and then packed by skilled personnel keeping in mind all the safety and security protocols.

No one has to know about your decision until you wish to let them know. There is no need to even step out of the home. The abortion pill package will be delivered right to your address.

As the abortion pills you purchase are FDA-approved, you can expect pregnancy termination comfortably without running into any complications.