The number of unsafe abortions has resulted in an increase in maternal deaths during the delivery process. Having a safe abortion is very important for womenscare and their reproductive health. Reproductive justice is every woman's reproductive right and she shouldn’t be restricted from making decisions about her own body.

It’s very difficult for a woman to get an abortion who lives in rural areas or comes from underserved communities, where her reproductive rights are dismissed. They are easily sidelined and ignored for most of the time. They are barred from getting proper treatment, have to go through unnecessary medical tests, have no social support, and are sometimes provided with wrong information.

How Can Telemedicine Help Women In Underserved Communities

Underserved Communities include people who have very adequate access to medical facilities. These people include individuals who live in rural areas, uneducated, blue-collar, and poor population.

These women are not usually aware of medical abortion and telemedicine services. If they want an abortion, they opt for surgical abortion, which is expensive, in a distant clinic (traveling cost), and doesn’t provide any privacy. 

But with the help of telemedicine, women can easily get access to information about medical abortion (with the help of abortion pills) online for the at-home abortion process. Medical abortion is the easiest and safest abortion process and is very cost-effective. If women in rural areas and underserved communities are made of telemedicine services, it can save them a lot of money and time.

Telemedicine will protect their privacy and provide them with a non-invasive and non-intrusive method of terminating a pregnancy. Research shows that even trained nurses and midwives could perform a safe abortion, same as the trained physicians. They can help in improving the quality and cost of abortion procedures in areas with poor settings of resources.


Proper awareness and education on telemedicine could be life-saving for many women. Conducting an awareness campaign in areas where lack of information is very common would be a good step for the sake of reproductive health and reproductive justice.

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