What to Do Before and After Using Abortion Pill?

It is better to remain in a comfortable room where you have privacy after taking Misoprostol pills. Grab rest for a few hours as the symptoms kick in. To minimize pain from cramps, you may take ibuprofen before the secondary medication. Also, it is great to have company so that you will have someone to look after. But that is not necessary, only if you would like some support.

What Are the Common Side Effects?

Medical abortion will cause a few side effects. But these may last only for 2 to 3 days till the time the pregnancy parts get out of the uterus. Some of the effects are dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and lower back and abdomen pain. Apart from these effects, you will get cramps from uterine contractions.

The cramps are more severe in the initial hours of abortion. The bleeding is heavier than menstrual bleeding. It gets lighter with the passing out of the pregnancy portions from the vagina.

Are Abortion Pills Available Without Prescription?

If the outlet from where you intend to get the pills is legit, it may demand a prescription. But in areas where ending a pregnancy is not allowed, it is hard to find a prescription for the pills. Here, you may fall into a trap of low-quality medicines from providers who are ready to provide the medicines without a healthcare professional’s approval.

So, you must do your research well and find a telemedicine service or online store for genuine pills. This will help you get the medicines on time early for an unwanted pregnancy. Find out if your medical insurance covers the abortion pill cost.

How to Manage a Case of Emergency?

Foolproof the procedure by keeping in contact with emergency care and arranging a prior transport facility (as you should not drive to it by yourself) for it in case of need. Make sure that the nearest healthcare unit is not away for more than 30-45 minutes.

If the physician enquires about the vaginal bleeding and symptoms, you can protect your privacy by saying that you had a miscarriage. Or, you can simply say that you started bleeding and are not sure what happened.

How to Ensure Stable Health During an Abortion?

It is good to be prepared for events before going in for the pregnancy-ending process. For instance, you must keep several packs of long sanitary napkins with you for bleeding. Purchase necessary supplies such as a heating pad for cramps, medicines for side effects, fruit juices or edibles such as baked toast and snacks for in-between munching, garbage bags to dispose of the pads, etc.

Once you have taken all the pills, your goal is to rest and let the symptoms occur. You can visit the washroom when the bleeding starts. But maintain hygiene, however, do not use an intimate wash. Clean yourself with water and do not rub vigorously. Do not try to pull any clot or tissue by force with your hand, rather, let the medicines do their job to push the uterus contents out.

When Do You Need a Follow-up Visit?

Though your pregnancy has terminated successfully with abortion pills, it is better to go for a follow-up 14 days after Mifepristone. The physician will conduct an ultrasonographic scan of the uterus to see if it has emptied, and if not, then you will have to undergo an invasive treatment for it.

A follow-up is also necessary if the bleeding is heavy and that does not turn lighter even after 2 weeks. Or, if you feel pain and sickness even after 2 to 3 days and the symptoms do not seem to go away after two weeks of taking pregnancy termination pills.